In manufacturing plants, objects undergo different processes before the final product is produced. The CNC machining process is primarily subtractive. The manufacturer cuts part of an object until they get the desired shape. A special computer controls every machine or tool involved in the manufacturing process, hence Computer Numerical Control (CNC). A CNC machine shop sells different machines used for various processes during product production. In this post, we talk about the various types of CNC machining equipment.

Types of CNC Machining Equipment

Special machines are needed for CNC machining to occur. They are;

1. Milling Machine

The milling machine is the most common of all CNC equipment. The CNC milling machine facilitates the process by removing part of the object. The cutting tools revolve around the workpiece until a particular shape is achieved. The milling process is accurate since the machines are connected to computers with numerical codes. The codes pass certain information to the mills, which guides them on how to act and go through the process from start to finish.

2. Router Machine

This machine is not as popular as the milling machine; however, it is loved due to how easy it is to use. An experienced or novice machine operator can run it since it requires little to no human effort, unlike most machines. CNC router machines come in handy in most industrial applications due to their nature of design and other features like the rotary that make them better than others.

An example is the ability to produce objects with a larger surface than those produced by other machines. It’s designed specifically to make this happen, therefore accommodates different and bigger-sized materials like metal sheets and wood for machining. The rotary comes with routers with different axes, enabling it to process both flat and 3D items.

3. Lathes Machine

The lathes machine is as easy to use as the router machine. It is also very fast and produces accurate and precise parts within a short time. The centers are turned, and objects are made into specific shapes, mostly conical, by cutting any part or material that’s not needed in the final product. CNC lathes machines vary from type to type due to the different qualities possessed by each one of them.

4. Electric Discharge Machine

These machines are the least common and are also a bit complicated to operate. Every CNC machine cuts a workpiece into the desired shape, but EDMs are specifically made to produce several shapes per the manufacturer’s needs. Electrical releases are a major component of the production process, and a dielectric liquid is used to separate the anodes in the machine.

5. Plasma Cutting Machine

Processing industries deal with different kinds of objects, which can be heavy-duty, lightweight, or both depending on the applications and machining equipment available. The CNC plasma cutter machine is specifically designed for heavy-duty components like steel without breaking any essential part like the plasma torch, which is needed to cut the workpiece.

Final Word

Each CNC machine mentioned above is important for various applications. Some big manufacturing plants have all the types, while others have a couple of them. Some are more straightforward than others; however, you can always learn how to operate them to get the best results. When choosing your preferred machine, consider the qualities, the materials they accommodate, and the parts they can produce since they vary.


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