Handheld Laser Rust Remover

Laser cleaning directs high-powered laser beams at the surface, rendering it clean. This technology is useful for rust removal, decontamination, cleaning, corrosion removal, pre-welding, depainting, and other surface preparation processes. In this blog post, we direct our discussion to the top 2 best handheld laser rust removers.

Laser cleaners are used in automobile peripheral, aviation, cultural relic protection, electronic industry, ships, tracks, etc. The technology allows you to achieve a level of cleanliness that conventional methods can’t. It’s also useful for selectively cleaning contaminants on surfaces without affecting the material.

If you want to clean only a small area using this technology, the handheld laser cleaners are the best. Since choosing such equipment can be tasking, especially if it’s your first time, this article presents some of the best modes in this category.

The Adapt laser CL2000

This is one of the most powerful handheld laser cleaners made by Adapt Laser. It’s even more powerful than the CL 1000; it operates at 1600watts. You can also acquire this model as a diode-pumped laser if you opt for a nearly maintenance-free device or buy an automated version.

The CL 2000 removes coatings, corrosion, and other hazardous contaminants from metal surfaces. Besides, it also absorbs the contaminants fast without leaving any wastes or altering the surface. Its high power makes it suitable for the aerospace, military, and energy industries.

This cleaner has similar features to the CL1000 but comes with up to 1600 Watt. It’s suitable for large-area applications, especially those with thick layers. Its ergonomic optics alongside its high beam quality laser and “top hat” beam distribution offers incomparable power and high speeds.

THandheld Laser Rust Removershe CL 2000 is one of the latest products from clean LASER. This Germany based company has over 20 years in producing high-quality laser equipment.

DIHORSE Hand-Held Laser Cleaner

This automatic laser cleaner helps clean coated and metal surfaces such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and coated products. It’s commonly used in military equipment, mold industry, shipbuilding, precision machinery industry, construction engineering, marine engineering, electronics and semiconductor industry, building facades, and car manufacturing industry.

The Dihorse laser cleaner is useful for removing organic and inorganic contaminants such as rust, paint, cutting fluids, corrosion preventive coatings, primers, etc. It employs a non-contact method to render these surfaces extremely clean. The cleaner is a low-energy and low-noise device. Besides, it has minimal impact on the base material.

This handheld laser cleaner is easy to operate. You only need to turn on the device and clean the surfaces without using any media, chemical reagents, dust, or water.  

The Dihorse handheld laser cleaner allows manual adjustment of the focus. It offers excellent surface cleanliness, and it’s perfect for curved surface cleaning.  You can use this equipment to clean the resin of oil stains, subject surface, rust, dirt, paint, and coating.

In Summary

It comes with a 2-years warranty for the machine and a 1-year warranty for the fiber laser generator. During the warranty period, you can get the generator’s free replacement if no human factors were involved. The company also offers after-sales service to its clients.  Purchases are delivered via TNT, FedEx, or DHL. You only need to pay import duty, and the device will be delivered to your doorstep.


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