In the oil and gas industry, safety is paramount. The industry deals with heavy machinery and high-pressure systems that need to be carefully monitored and maintained. One important component that ensures safety is the ram blowout preventer (BOP).

These hydraulic devices can save lives, protect the environment, and ensure safety and reliability in the most challenging drilling environments, which is why they are an essential component that shouldn’t be overlooked.

This article will walk you through the significance and various functions of dual ram bop bore. We will also talk about some benefits and Safety Standards and Regulations when using these hydraulic devices.

What Is a Ram BOP Bore?

First, let’s define what Blind Ram BOPs are. A Blind Ram BOP is a device that is used to seal off a wellbore in the event of high pressure. These devices are activated by hydraulic fluid, which powers the rams, closing them around the pipe or drill string. There are two types of ram BOPS, blind and shear, and both of them are essential for ensuring safety in a drilling operation. Blind Ram BOPs are designed specifically to seal off the wellbore when there is no pipe in it.

Various Functions of Blind Ram Bop Size 13 5/8″

  • One of the most essential uses of Blind Ram BOP is that they act as a secondary barrier of protection in case of any primary system failure. In the event that lower safety systems such as a single hydraulic control or preventer fail, this device acts as an added layer of protection, stopping the flow of fluids from the well. Without this barrier, the results could be disastrous, leading to environmental damage, loss of life and assets.
  • Another important function of this hydraulic device is to provide pressure relief and control. Blind Ram BOPs are designed to stop high-pressure loads and flow rates, limiting them to a safe and manageable level. This means that operators can maintain control and stability of the drilling process, preventing a potentially dangerous situation from escalating to an emergency.
  • Blind Ram BOPs also play a significant role in preventing unintended discharges and spills when drill pipes or other equipment are being replaced or changed. This device serves as a plug to stop any flow of fluids, preventing unnecessary discharges and protecting the environment from damage.

Safety Standards and Regulations

The oil and gas industry has strict safety regulations that companies must comply with. For offshore drilling operations, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) requires that drilling contractors use a minimum of 13⅝-inch bore sized BOP. Furthermore, BSEE mandates that all new Ram BOPs require recertification after every three years of operations.

Benefits of Ram BOP Size13 5/8″

The Ram BOP 13 5/8″ is a reliable, hydraulically powered system designed to withstand high pressure and temperature conditions. Its large bore size makes it versatile enough to fit on most offshore drilling rigs, and it can handle multiple types of fluids ranging from oil, gas, and water. Moreover, it ensures the safety of oil rig workers by preventing wellhead blowouts and allowing for the efficient closure of the wellbore in case of an emergency.


In conclusion, the Ram BOP 13 5/8″ is a crucial safety system in the oil and gas industry. Its bore size and other components are highly regulated to ensure that the workers remain safe and the drilling operations continue unhindered. Proper maintenance and inspection of the Ram BOP will guarantee its effectiveness in preventing wellhead blowouts. Therefore, oil and gas companies must invest in state-of-the-art BOP systems and adhering to safety regulations to keep their workers safe.


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