Getting a powerful pressure washer motor is not an easy drill. There are many marketers of pressure washer machines online. However, similar to every other commodity, some pressure motors are better than the rest. At Giraffe Tools, they endeavor to put the very best into available products and equipment. To this end, a high-quality powerful motor is always used to make efficient pressure washers.

Likely Issues with the Pressure Washer Motor

There are not a lot of issues that could arise from the use of these motors. They are made with top-quality materials. Their life span is expected to be nothing short of a few years. Whenever any sort of problem arises with the washer, the problem is rarely the motor.

1. Water Pressure

One common issue is a noticeable and unwanted drop in water pressure. This drop is mostly due to the nozzle or some other part of the pressure washer being affected. For instance, there are times when the nozzle could be clogged. This is mostly the case after long periods of use without cleaning. This is why proper maintenance is recommended as periodically as possible.

In line with this, the intake filter could also be dirty giving rise to reduced pressure. Simply cleaning this valve should more than do the trick.

2. Starting Issues

Another issue that seems to be related to the motor but is rarely ever so is the issue of sound with no effect. Here, the motor appears to be starting but it does it really start. The problem here varies greatly. It could range from a simple fact.

Such as the fact that the machine had not been used for a long period. For such cases, unfortunately, one is not advised to fix it on their own. Visit the nearest Authorized Service Centre.

This effect could also be a result of a variation in significant voltage parameters. The voltage issue could also result from the extension cable. In this case, the customer is mostly able to find out the problem. It simply requires analyzing the features of the extension cable more carefully.

However, in several cases, this relative “motor” issue could have another source. It might result from a faulty TSS device. The TSS device is also one that should not be tampered with at will. This delicate situation also requires the attention of suitable persons. Hence visiting an Authorized Service Centre is also required.

So as is evident it is rare for the motor to have unnecessary problems or issues. Most times when one might think the motor is involved, it really is not. A simple thorough overview of the entire pressure washer should reveal the true issue. This is not for marketing purposes or a scheme, but the pressure washer motor was built to last.


However, should any problems arise, there is always a solution. At worst, it would involve finding the Authorized Service Centre that is most convenient to visit.

While several issues can spring up, there is obviously a lot of truth in the work a pressure washer does. So, if yours is faulty, you should get a replacement.


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