Industrial Uses Of Wax

Wax refers to a lipid which is also an ester of a chain of alcohol as well as a fatty acid. The alcohol in the wax may contain up to 30 carbon atoms. As such, waxes are found in nature as existing coatings not only on leaves but stems. Usually, the wax prevents the leaves from losing moisture. It’s vital to comprehend the top industrial uses of waxes for textile. Here are some:

  • Used in Manufacturing Lipstick

Lipstick has a suspension of various coloring agents that have a high molecular weight of hydrocarbons such as waxes and fats. Usually, the color hails from a dye that has been precipitated by various metals, including Fe (III), Ni (II), and Co (II). Other ingredients are such as castor oil and paraffin. These elements dissolve in the mixture to form a stiffened agent. 

cosmetic , Industrial Uses Of Wax
  • Used In The Manufacture Of Eye Makeup

Plant-based wax is used in the creation of different beauty products. One such example is the mascara, which is a prominent cosmetic commonly applied to the eyelashes. It enhances a person’s beauty by elongating the size of their lashes. Over the years, mascara has also been known as one of the most ancient cosmetics used by Egyptians to darken their eyebrows. While cosmetics fell out in the European market, eye makeup has continued to be an important element in the sector. 

  • Used In The Manufacture Of Candles

 If you want to make candles, you’ll need to select the right type of animal wax. There are additional decisions you’ll need to make including the quantity and color of wax you should use. Other choices will depend on certain factors such as the form of candles you’d like to make. On that note, if you want to make pillar candles, the best types of wax to use are beeswax as well as palm wax.

  • Used In The Manufacture Of  Moisturizers 

Wax has been used in the manufacture of cosmetic products since time immemorial. Other than that, the pharmaceutical industry has also been using wax in the manufacture of moisturizers. As such, the utilization of rice bran wax is predominant in the industry.

  • Used In The Industry Of  Apiculture 

In the sector of apiculture, the wax is often used as a major artificial. Over 50 percent of the wax produced is utilized in this project. As such, the raw material is widely used in multiple branches of the same sector. In the industry of perfume, for instance, beeswax is utilized in obtaining a stable essential oil such as jasmine.

  • Used In Creating Food Additives And Coatings
Industrial Uses Of Wax

In warm climates, plants often secrete wax to control hydration as well as evaporation.  When it comes to the commercial perspective, Carnauba wax is one of the most useful materials in food coating as well as preservation. Other than that, it contains the ester myricyl rotate, which has additional applications in the food production sector.

  • The Textile And Leather Industry 

Paraffin wax is often used as waterproofing agent particularly for textiles as well as tanning agents used in the manufacture of leather. Also, paraffin wax can be used by sectors such as Rodent Baits, Fertilizer Coating, Construction Boards, Fire Logs, as well as Safety Machines. The wax is also useful in creating flexible packaging materials in the sector.

Last words

Wax is an important element in the formulation of rubber tires. It’s often added for the protection of components from atmospheric ozone that may dry the unprotected rubber. Wax also creates a main physical barrier between the surface of the tire as well as the atmosphere.


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