MOPA engraving machine
MOPA engraving machine

When marking or engraving products for companies, the MOPA engraving machine has been embraced as the best laser engraver in the market. With a wide range of features and capabilities, the MOPA laser application is diverse. As it provides improved quality markings, many companies are choosing it for engraving plastics and metals. Below are the advantages you get with investing in a fiber laser engraving machine.

  1. MOPA Engraving Machine Causes Less Burning

Traditional laser machine had the shortcoming of burning and melting the material it was supposed to engrave. As a result, the edges and areas that were engraved were unsightly with scorch marks and melted materials drippings. The MOPA engraving machine has reinvented the whole aspect of color marking machine by eliminating these shortcomings. With a controlled heat feature that takes into account the various melting points of material, automated control is established producing desired results.

  1. MOPA Engraving Machine Has Zero Maintenance

Whether it’s the 50w fiber laser engraver or a different kind of laser engraver, the underlying working principle remains the same, i.e. build for durability. Ideally, the setup is made in such a way that with correct use, the first consumables replacement will happen after 8 to 10 year. The primary maintenance need of the MOPA engraving machine is periodically wiping the general dust off to ensure optimum working condition.

  1. MOPA Engraving Machine Produces Less Heat Development

In the past, the wear and tear behavior of materials that were engraved was in such a way that the engraved part faded first, even as the whole piece turned drastically unsightly. This was attributed to the structural change of the engraved surface which extended to the rest of the product. As a result, the entire material was made structurally weaker during the heating process. However, MOPA engraver now produces less heat during annealing. The result is that the structural integrity of the metal you have markings on remains intact leading to better corrosion behavior.

fiber laser engraver
fiber laser engraver
  1. MOPA Engraving Machine Has A Longer Useful Life

Whether you are investing in the 20w, 30w or 50w fiber laser making machine, the advantage of investing in the fiber laser engraving machine is significant. With the ability to be used for up to 100,000 hours before any breakdown investing in the MOPA engraver is a steal. Ideally, it gives you extended useful life at a lower price saving you a lot.

  1. MOPA Engraving Machine Produces Higher Contrast

Unlike using a DIY fiber laser engraver, the primary benefit of investing in MOPA is the higher contrast option you get. Select pulse durations are available to make color markings with higher contrasts. As a result, wider ranges of marking parameters are options. This choice gives rise to the ability to mark metal and plastics with higher contrast colors.

  1. MOPA Engraving Machine Creates Reproducible Annealing Colors

Producing colors on various materials is difficult. Even as the laser beams act in producing various pulse durations, the producing of colors in metals, steel especially is difficult. However, the MOPA technology has enabled the creation of reproducible colors for marking steel to be available. These annealing colors have been availed by using the steel air cooling feature that together with a wide of range of marking parameters makes color creation possible.

fiber laser engraver
fiber laser engraver
  1. MOPA Engraving Machine Allows Controlled Melting Of Plastics

The marking of plastics using a desktop fiber laser marking machine has always been a challenging aspect. This factor is especially highlighted using ordinary laser engravers that usually left a black marking on anodized aluminum. The issue was mirrored in melting of plastics which typically lead to materials being dissolved in a poodle.  Fortunately, this aspect has been rectified when using MOPA laser engraver technology that now has a controlled temperature feature.

  1. MOPA Engraving Machine Offered At A Great Price

Often, an improvement in technology usually translates to a higher purchase price of a device. However, when it comes to buying a fiber laser engraver, this aspect has the opposite effect. Though overall customization for unique laser engravers might be costly, the overall purchase price is quite low.  The advantageous purchase price is further highlighted in the low maintenance and operation cost. Having availed thousands of hours of use without the need for changing or replacing any part, you save money on the purchase of spare parts. Additionally, long life use means you get the most out of investing in a MOPA engraving machine.

fiber laser engraver
fiber laser engraver
  1. MOPA Engraving Machine Assures Less Foaming With Plastics

During the melting process of plastics, foaming was an after effect that was expected. Usually, this was a result of a chemical reaction being activated by the heat feature that hence caused foaming. MOPA laser engraver eliminates this step by supplying just the amount of heat needed to mark plastics. This means the release of the harmful by-product is reduced hence less hazardous to operating personnel.

  1. MOPA Engraving Machine Produces A More Homogeneous Marking System  

Finally, the most significant benefit of investing in a color laser engraving machine is the homogenous marking you receive. Often, other laser marking machines marked with the results showcasing voids in some parts of the marking. The result was unsightly markings that needed to be corrected hence wasted time and money. MOPA laser engraver focus is delivering effectively and with precision. The result, being able to receive materials marked in a homogenous professional manner. What’s more, as higher marking parameters are availed, you also benefit by receiving markings that have higher contrast and hence beautiful.


As seen above when you choose to invest in a fiber laser engraving machine you are assured of investing in an excellent quality laser machine that works wonders in a business setup. On top of the fact that it is offered at a great price, its long life and ease of use are added benefits. What’s more, when investing in this MOPA engraving machine, you do not have to trade off and compromise between effectiveness and performance.


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