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Buying expensive construction equipment and then failing to maintain it means it will have shorter service time. It is therefore vital to maintain your construction equipment so that they conveniently accomplish your construction agenda. Also, if the equipment remains in good condition, you can provide hiring services to other companies that require the same machine.

There are different types of HDD machine in the market, including the most popular HDD machine for sale now. With expensive equipment like HDD machines, it is advisable to implement the best maintenance schedule. Here are tips to help you in maintaining a horizontal directional drilling machine.

  • Engine Maintenance and hydraulic maintenance

The engine is one of the main HDD machine parts, and it’s the same as that of a vehicle only that it’s bigger. Therefore, the same routine you take to maintain your car engine is the same routine you should take while maintaining your HDD engine. Always ensure the engine oil level is healthy and change it together with the oil filters one the millage level is due. The manufacturer recommends the intervals at which you can change the oil and oil filters. Also, check whether there is any oil leakage frequently.

Similarly, check the coolant belt and determine whether it’s working optimally or if it needs to be replaced. Remember to clean the radiator.

Inspect whether any oil has moved into hydraulic and use detergent to get rid of it to prevent the machine from overheating.

  • Lubrication

HDD is a machine; therefore, it needs lubrication. So, assess all the bolting points and joints and apply sufficient oil each time before you start operating the machinery. Remember to oil the drill stem too.

  • Check On The Capacity Of The Machine Operation
Drilling Machine

Every machine has its maximum capability concerning its operation. So, if the person operating the machine goes further than what the machine is capable of, there is a high chance he or she will be putting the employees in danger. You can’t exceed the HDD machine capacity and expect it to work properly. The equipment might fail and break endangering the people around it. So, plan a pre-bore to determine the capability of the machine.

  • Replacing The Worn Out Components

The longer the horizontal directional drilling machine operates, the more it wears out. So, it is necessary to examine the components that make up the machine and replace any worn out component. Besides, the weather is a contributor for machine wearing off, so, after some seasons, replace the worn parts as advised by the manufacturer. Don’t forget to check the status of horizontal directional drilling steering because it also wears out.

  • Maintaining After Every Operation

As much as the HDD machine is big, it deserves to be cleaned after every operation. If it’s not possible, try cleaning it weekly. Disassembling, cleaning, and storing the horizontal directional drilling machine ensure the machines long life. Leaving dirt on the machines deteriorates its quality because it wears off. Pay extra attention to the drilling stem and rod when cleaning the machine.

Take Away Maintaining a machine increases the value of selling it or hiring it to other clients. Suppose, you are the one hiring a used HDD machine which is always placed for rental, would you take it if it was poorly maintained? If you decide to rent a poorly maintained equipment, you will pay less than what you would pay for well-maintained equipment.


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