Do you want your PCBs to be manufactured from a tested and professional PCB manufacturing company? Then you have to try Turnkey PCB assembly manufacturing service for high-quality PCBs. They have the capability of designing, manufacturing of PCBs, PCB assembly, component sourcing, and electronic products manufacturing.

Why should you consider them?

Quality and customer comfort are their ideal priority. The manufactured PCBs are of the best quality as proper quality checks are made, and complete testing of PCBs is done before delivering them to the customers. They are the top leader in the PCB manufacturers, offering their services to various industries such as medical, aerospace, digital communication industry, etc. They achieve their deadlines so you can have your product ready within the given time. Their rates are very affordable for the quality of work they do. They also offer aftermarket customer service to resolve your issues regarding any of their product. And yes, they have professionals and experts who have vast experience in the electronics and PCB manufacturing.

They offer you many types of PCB manufacturing such as

Prototype PCB Manufacturing

They offer quick PCB prototype manufacturing services to their customers. The prototypes are of high quality and fabricated for you for the lowest possible price. Their prototypes allow the customers to test and check the performance, design, and capabilities of the prototype produced before its mass production. In this way, you can assure and verify that it is the right board for your device and meets your requirements as well.

 Multiplayer PCB manufacturing

Need a multilayer PCB for your device to operate perfectly? They will do it for you with excellence and perfection. They are able to manufacture up to 48 layer PCB with maximum efficiency and precision. Their experts consult you regarding the performance, your expected rates, and your multilayer PCB’s design before finalizing everything.

High-Frequency PCB manufacturing

They are the most experienced in fabricating superior, reliable performance high-frequency PCBs than any other PCB manufacturing company. The typical range of frequency of the boards they produce is 500MHz to 2GHz. They do a one-on-one discussion with their customers about finding an ideal substrate, calculating the required impedances, and dimensioning the conductor’s spacing and width.

  • Specifications of Turnkey PCB manufacturing service
  • Some of the key specifications of their PCB manufacturing are:
  • Hole tolerance: NTPH: + 0.05 or -0.05, PTH: + 0.075 or -0.075
  • Solder color: white, black, purple, red, yellow, etc.
  • Number of layers: up to 48 layers
  • Material: Aluminum, FR4, FR 4 Halogen-free, FR 2, FR 1, CEM 3, High TG, and CEM 1
  • Board Thickness: ≥0.1mm


The boards they fabricate in small quantity or mass production are in compliance with the certifications that are as follows:

  • ITAR certified
  • ISO 9001-2015
  • UL
  • ISO 13485
  • RoHS
  • IPC-A-610-D and ANSI/J-STD-001 standards- class II and class III

Any PCB technology you want to be designed, whether one prototype PCB or want a full stack of them, they are the one who you should consider for getting your work done.


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