Warehouse lighting is an important feature after construction and also during the running of various activities in the warehouse. This is because a warehouse has a high ceiling hence requires too much lighting in order for your warehouse to be well illuminated. But remember that it’s not only a warehouse that has a high ceiling but other building such as factories or stadiums. However, which is the best lighting for such facilities? LED high bay lights is the best solution for such facilities.

So, what should you consider before you install the LED high bay lights on your warehouse or factory? The following are the best tips that will help you when choosing LED high bay lights.

The Color of the LED High Bay Lights

LED high bay lights
LED high bay lights

In order for your warehouse or high ceiling facility to be bright, you need to consider the color of the LED high bay lights. If you are not familiar with LED colors they are measured in Kevin. In most cases, you will find the 3,000, 4,000, and 5,000 Kevin LED colors. The 5,000 Kevin LED high bay light is the latest in the market. It has a high brightness that can illuminate your facility. In addition, this is the best to be used as LED warehouse lighting. This is because it has a high brightness level.

The Size of Your Warehouse

This is so important when you are installing lighting in your warehouse. The bigger the size of your warehouse the more number of LED high bay lights it will require. Therefore, you need to consider the size of your warehouse before purchasing high bay lights. So, if you are new to the lighting of a warehouse please consult professionals in the LED high bay lights sector. Furthermore, you need to know your dimension so as the lighting may be up to required standards.

The Relativistic Beaming

LED high bay lights
LED high bay lights

For maximum lighting of your warehouse, you need to know what relativistic beaming means. Also called the Doppler beaming is the process of modifying the luminous intensity of low bay LED lighting. This is especially because they are moving at a speed close to that of light. The beaming angle is an important factor when it comes brightness level of a high bay light. So, if the beaming angle is wide then your warehouse will be illuminated properly but if the beaming angle is narrow then your warehouse will not be properly lit.

How Bright is the High Bay Light?

The brightness level of different facilities differs with size. Hence, they may require too much brightness or low than other facilities. For example, the brightness level of a stadium is so different from that of a warehouse. The required brightness level of any warehouse is averagely 200 Lux. But for a stadium, it will require a high brightness level of more than 200 Lux. Furthermore, when you need to illuminate your warehouse just inquire first for the level of brightness your warehouse requires and which is the best LED high bay light to purchase.

Purchase High-Quality LED Lights

LED high bay lights
LED high bay lights

This is an important factor when choosing a high bay light for your warehouse. No one desires to buy low-quality products that will not last for long. More especially fitting LED lights in your warehouse is expensive. So, you need to ensure the high bay light you purchase they will light your warehouse for a long period. Furthermore, it is advisable that you purchase LED lights that have a lifespan of 80,000 hours. They will serve you for a long time and you will need not to worry about replacement. You also need to consider the manufacturer this is important because other manufacturers produce low-quality products terming them as quality.

Lumen Output of your LED Light

When you are considering the above tips don’t forget to about lumen output of your LED light. This is an important aspect as the others. The lumen output depends on the quality of a LED light. If you purchase a low quality LED light, then the lumen output will be low and vice versa.  So, during purchase consider this important aspect.


LED high bay lighting for your warehouse is so important. This is because it produces high brightness levels for your warehouse or facility like a factory. Therefore, when you need to purchase LED lights for your warehouse you need to consider the above tips in order to find the best.



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