Stage lighting has been in existence for a long time. The only difference is technological advancement. However, when did stage lighting really start? According to history the first people to use stage lighting were Greece then followed by the Romans. This is because they used to have theatres hence this was a necessity.

But why is it necessary for you to light a stage? There are many reasons why you should ensure your stage is lighted when you have a function. They include:

  • Increases the visibility level of the acts taking place on the stage.
  • Helps to set the required audience mood.
  • Effects. This important to many musical concerts.

In addition, things have grown so much hence year in year out this sector has been making huge developments. Therefore, in this article, you will be able to know about the new stage lighting designs. They are of utmost importance for your stage lighting business.

  1. LED Stage Lighting

DMX winch system kinetic light
DMX winch system kinetic light

This stage lighting technique has become so popular in the recent days. It uses light emitting diodes to light the stage. It is preferred by many people because it consumes low power and but emits a lot of light. There are three types of LED stage lighting:

  • Striplights
  • PAR Cans
  • Moving heads

LED stage lighting is able to produce different colors at ago. This is easy to achieve by regulating the light intensity. One of the most important thing about LED stage lighting is that a DMX can be used to regulate it. Furthermore, there are different regulators such as the DMX winch system kinetic light.

In addition, they are the best when you are lighting an ice monument. Because they emit a low amount of heat they can melt the ice sculpture.

  1. Intelligent Stage Lighting

DMX winch system kinetic light
DMX winch system kinetic light

Also known as moving lights this is one of the best stage lighting designs. This technique became prevalent in the early in 1980’s mostly in musical concerts. Currently, many concerts are using this stage lighting design. Due to technological advancement, they have been easily available at an affordable cost.

In order to ensure the stage is lit effectively the beam of light is remotely controlled. However, the most used type of intelligent stage lighting is the use of an arc lamp. If you have attended a concert at a stadium this is the most used method of lighting.

  1. Spotlights

DMX winch system kinetic light
DMX winch system kinetic light

Have you ever gone to a theatre? If so I know that you have a clue about spotlights. They are usually used to produce a pool of light on the stage. But there are different types of spotlights. They include:

  • Fresnels
  • Pebble convex lanterns
  • Ellipsoidal spotlights

They function in the same way but are different in design. For the ellipsoidal spotlights, they use convex lenses to produce a pool of light on the stage. Therefore, they are of main importance when it comes to stage lighting.


You might be interested in stage lighting but you don’t know about the new designs. The above are some of the new stage lighting designs that may be of help to you.



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