Amazon is a powerhouse for the eCommerce business. Their Fulfillment by Amazon operation is pretty impressive and useful for sellers around the world. No matter where your eCommerce business is, you can list an item on Amazon.

Thus, you can earn more sales from Amazon’s registered prime customers. Amazon requires its FBA sellers to prep their own products so it can be sent to Amazon’s warehouse.

However, most global sellers struggle to navigate the difficulties of preparing their products and sending them to Amazon. The seller can take advantage of Amazon’s FBA prep services.

Amazon takes the responsibility to prepare the products according to their FBA prep standards. You need to pay Amazon for doing this. So, it can safely reach Amazon’s warehouse.

What is FBA Prep Service?

If a seller cannot do the packaging according to Amazon’s strict rule, FBA prep service comes handy. FBA prep is a way to prepare your inventory to send it to Amazon.

This service emphasis the packaging and labeling of the products. To able this service, you need to get your FBA prep right. It is essential to able this service when you cannot do it yourself.

The necessity of FBA Prep Services

Fulfillment by Amazon has its own requirement for prep and packaging for the products sellers ship to their fulfillment centers. The seller must meet these rules to be accepted at the Amazon fulfillment centers.

When a seller ships their products to FBA, Amazon can’t just through it into the box and shift this to couriers. The seller has to prepare the inventory for FBA. Amazon says that proper packaging of units helps to minimize receiving delays and protect your products.

It means your product reaches safely in their warehouse. Amazon can send it to the customer in a better condition, which brings excellent customer experience. If you do this in the wrong way, Amazon will never accept your inventory.

Sometime, you’ll have to pay to get it back. That’s because, if any defective item goes mistakenly sent to the customer, they will likely complain. When more customer complaints, this may affect your metrics, and your account may get suspended.

So, there is no better alternative than the FBA prep service. Though you can outsource your items to the third party, still FBA Prep is a better choice. It is more than necessary when you are starting a business.

Possibly, you are unaware of what to do and how to do it. The time you decide to use FBA prep service, Amazon will prepare your products for a per-unit charge. The FBA prep service can also be used for global fulfillment. There you have to take help from the third party.

This service saves time as you don’t need to inspect the stock, printing labels, and making boxes. You can utilize this time in sourcing new products or analyzing the market. Overall, using FBA prep service to start a new business could be the smartest decision ever.


Regardless of the size of your business, Amazon FBA prep services come handy for all. Now you can invest your time and money in expanding your business. Leave the risk of packaging to Amazon itself.   


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