Gear Motor

A gear motor can be defined as an all-in-one combination of a motor and a gearbox. The role of any gearbox is to convert engine rotation energy into a rotational speed that is convenient for the wheels. Most of the time, this role is achieved with the use of gears. A gear is a type of toothed machine whose role is to either transmit motion, change the speed or the direction of the motion. Geared motors come in a variety of types depending on their construction and mode of use. In this write-up, we will be discussing the basics of gear motors. 

Understanding a gear motor

Gear motors can get defined as a complete motive force systems made of that consist of a reduction gear train and an electric motor. The two elements are integrated into a configured package that is easy to mount.

Types of Gear Motors

There are two types of gear motors; Alternating current and direct current electric motors. While most of them have an output of between 1200-3600 revolutions every minute, their speed specifications differ from one to the other. The two main types of gear motor speeds are reasonable, and stall-speed also referred to as torque specifications. They work in such a way that any increase in torque is inversely proportional to the reduction in the machine speed or appliance.

The Role of a Gear Motor

A gear motor is used to reduce the speed in different gears. The gears later create added amounts of torque. The increased torque is achieved by an integrated series of gearboxes that are attached to the main rotor, as well as the shaft through the 2nd reduction shaft. The 2nd shaft is then later connected to the group of gearboxes. This leads to the creation of reduction gears in a series.

A gear motor helps to reduce the complexity as well as the cost of designing power tools, electrical appliances, and other types of machines. It also helps to reduce construction costs. Gear motors help to tolerate the use of inexpensive low-horsepower engines. The motors provide high motive power at a very low speed. This is suitable for items like lifts, winches, robotics, and other machines.

Another role of a gear motor is to assist in the multiplication of torque. It allows you to use a small rotor, which naturally generates a small amount of torque to produce a lot of speed. This helps with the functioning of items like power recliners and hospital beds, which do not have durable rotors. Also, note that a small electric motor can be used to move very large driven loads because of this feature. However, this function is much slower because of the weight of it all.


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