When it comes to putting together a print station, one of the first things that most people look out for cheap printer options and where to get them. When looking for an imprimante pas cher, the Inkjet and Laser printers are amongst the top groups of printers that most businesses go for.

When going for either or both options, you must know these differences as this has a way of influencing your buying decision. Keep reading to find out three distinctions:

Differences Between Inkjet and Laser (Cheap Printer Options)

These are worthy differences that exist between Inkjet and Laser printers

1. Performance

The major difference that you can spot between these two printers is their cartridges. While Inkjet printers come with ink cartridges, laser printers use ink cartridges. Also, an Inkjet printer makes use of straightforward technology. Here, ink is supplied to the different parts of the printer as the cartridges are passed across each page. The laser printer employs the use of an electrical charge to pass instructions on where and exactly where the toner should be supplied on the paper.

2. Price

One thing you should understand is that each of these printers comes with a price attached to it. There can be huge differences in the prices of an Inkjet and a Laser printer. However, a cheap printer option would be an inkjet printer as it’s usually more expensive to replace toners for laser printers.

Even though cartridges can be less expensive sometimes, they have still considered essentials factors that should be replaced frequently.

3. Volume

The best option to go for is the inkjet printer if you have less space in your room or store. This is because you can easily store them on shelves or even a desk. Besides, they are quite portable and can be moved about with ease if you decide to change to a new location. Laser printers are larger and may need you to create a customized space to contain them.

4. Capacity

In terms of capacity, laser printers alongside their toner cartridges tend to be faster than the inkjet while printing. This is another way to differentiate between their performances. Asides from being slow, an inkjet printer would require you to refill the paper at intervals which further lessens your productivity. This isn’t the same for laser printers as they contain a bigger load as well as prints perfectly.

 5. Quality

Regarding the quality of printed items, the laser printer is said to produce better quality through its toner cartridges. They are also capable of producing exactly what’s been requested for and this is what Inkjet printers are yet to do. With Inkjet printers, you may end up with wet, ruined, or smudged paper. That would simply be under par in terms of performance.


From the above, you can understand that Inkjet and laser printers are great as they both feature special benefits. To make a good purchase, you need to look beyond buying just a cheap printer and see if either of these printers fits into your ideal work or business needs.


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