Piezo Buzzer

Unquestionably, there are multiple types of buzzers in the current world. However, the piezo buzzer is one of the best buzzers used due to its various advantages. Piezo buzzer consists of two subdivisions, active buzzer, and passive buzzer, and they are both used for different activities. In this article, several advantages of the piezo buzzer will be discussed.

  • Easily compatible

Due to high and effective piezo buzzer sound, an active buzzer is compatible with many products such as car equipment, car audio, and alarms, among others. Consequently, that compatibility makes it widely applicable in various fields. Therefore, if you want to buy a buzzer, consider choosing a piezo buzzer since it can be applied in many areas.

  • Uses lesser energy

A buzzer with a low power consumption rate is economical since it will only require less amount of power to operate. For instance, piezo buzzer working requires a low voltage of less than 20mA, and it never exceeds 100mA. Consequently, moderate consumption makes it more economical, hence more affordable compared to other types of buzzers. As a result, while looking for a buzzer is essential you look for the one that will serve your purpose efficiently and at a lower price.

Piezo Buzzer
  • High sound pressure

Arguably, most individuals often ask, why would you use an active buzzer? However, high sound pressure is one of the reasons why it is essential to use the buzzer in question. Consequently, the sound is relatively high, thus making the buzzer more audible. As a result, it assists in executing its purpose effectively.

  • Large voltage usage range

Various devices work under different voltage range. If the buzzer used cannot support the amount of voltage used by the device, it leads to a malfunction. However, a piezo buzzer can support any voltage that is in between 3V to 20V. Consequently, it means that a 6v buzzer, for example, can effectively work in any voltage within the given range, thus expanding its application.

  • Small in size

Size is a significant factor to consider while choosing a buzzer to use. Mini buzzers can effectively fit in other devices such as a toy or a microcomputer control, thus making it more applicable. However, it is also available in more significant dimensions, hence making it more suitable for various situations while choosing a buzzer, it is essential to go for the one that can be found in different sizes.

  • Good frequency response

Similarly, the excellent frequency response is also essential in a piezoelectric buzzer. The frequency determines the effectiveness of the buzzer in question and how well it executes the intended purpose. This frequency response is one of the factors that have significantly contributed to the wire application of active buzzer in different industries.

In conclusion, A piezo buzzer is a vital tool applied in several industries to serve various purposes. Excellent frequency response, small size, wide voltage usage range, high sound level, less energy usage, and easy compatibility are some of the primary advantages of a piezo buzzer. As a result, the device has been widely used in many fields.


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