The 5-inch LCD module comes with a touch screen that provides a high-resolution picture and it’s a large viewing screen for your raspberry pi. Thus LCD module supports raspberry revisions and it perfectly works well with raspberry models such as raspberry pi b+/2b/3b. This is a lower level of power consumption for the screen’s backlight. The high resolution of the LCD which is 800 x 480 can give a colorful experience and the touch screen allows users to play easily. The screen’s display is designed mainly for the raspberry pi but it is not only for the raspberry pi as it can be used for others too.

The 5 inch HMI LCD module has a monitor with a wonderful picture resolution and the viewing screen is very large.

The resolution is usually 800 x 480 LCD and it comes with different touch functions, a 5-inch screen, and a backlight control that helps to reduce the power consumption.

It has a large viewing angle, quick response, and a full-color display. It can serve as the driver for the raspberry pi 2b b+ and the raspberry pi 3b. It supports any revision of the raspberry pi and it works perfectly for the raspberry pi b+/2b and the raspberry pi 3b, etc.

The specifications of the LCD module includes:

  • Model of the module: RR050
  • Resolution: 800 x 480
  • The USB cable has a power input of 5V/ 1A
  • Display size or about 121mm*78mm
  • Refresh frequency is 60HZ
  • The package list
  • A 5-inch touch LCD
  • An HDMI connector
  • A touch pen
  • DVD
  • A screw pack

There are 6 models of the LCD module. They include:

  • The 128×128 1.45” full-color LCD

It has a part number: CFAF 128128B10145T

It has an interface SPI

Resolution: 128×128 pixels

The color is dark

The polarizer is transmissive

A white LED backlight

  • The 240×240 LCD TFT display

It has a part CFAF 240240A1013T

There is a size of 26mn x 29.15mm x 15mm

Its interfaces are SPI

It has a resolution of 240×240 pixels

Its color is dark

Its polarizer is transmissive

It has a white LED light

  • The 128×160 full LCD

Its part is CFAF 128160C018T

Its size is 39.22mm x 47mm x 5.9mm

Interfaces are 16 bit parallel

Resolution is 128×160

Its color is black

Polarizer is transmissive

It has a white backlight

  • The 240×320 LCD display

Its part is cfaf240320X0020T

Its size is 35.8mm x 52.1mm x 2.65mm

Interfaces are 16 bit, 18 bit, 8 bit, 9 bit, etc. All parallel

The resolution is 240×320 pixel

A dark color

Its polarizer is transmissive

A white backlight

  • The 240×320 full-color LCD

Its part number is cfaf240320E022T

The size is 41.7mm x 56.1mm x 2.6mm

The interface of this product is 240×320 pixels

Colour is dark

Polarizer is transmissive

A white LED backlight

  • A 240×320 TFT LCD

It’s part number is cfaf240320k1024TRT

Size is 42.72mm x 60.26mm x 3.8mm

It has two interfaces which are the 16 bit parallel and the 8 bit parallel

Resolution is 240×320 pixels

Dark color

Polarizer is transmissive

White backlight

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