A bolt screw is a form of a threaded fastener that has an external male thread. A bolt screw is usually used with threaded nuts to fasten two components together

Understanding bolt screws

Unlike other screws, a bolt is not threaded up to its shank- the bare portion. They are inserted in a predrilled hole, using a nut the section is securely connected.

To fasten your bolts, you will need a spanner. A spanner typically holds the head while the nut is squeezed. A bolt is generally longer than the width of the material; it is penetrating or fastening. The long protruding is an additional protection mechanism that enhances the safety and strength of a bolt.

Shapes of the bolt head

Bolt screws are available in a wide variety of head shapes. These shapes are made per the size of the tools that grip them during tightening- a spanner. The bolt head shapes have size numbers that correspond to the specific number of its spanner.

The most common types of bolt heads include the square, hex, and socket cap. The square heads used to be the most common type of bolt heads. However, hex heads are populating many workshops due to their workability. These hexagonal heads are used along with a spanner to bring forth a torque.

Bolt types and their uses

There are a dozen types of bolts and screws, with the specific application attached to it. They are used to secure light poles and structural beams.

The carriage bolts are fully threaded with a smooth head mainly used to fasten and metal and wood together. The square undercoats prevent the bolt from turning, which results in loosening.

The elevator bolts have a thick flat countersunk head and a square undercut .the primary purpose of these sparking features is to avoid the bolt from shifting during tightening and in operation. These bolts service moving systems like elevators and conveyor systems.

Flange bolts are used in casing structures mainly in trucks and bed frames. They have a washer on the hexagonal head’s underside. The washer helps in the distribution of force from the load-bearing joint or frame throughout the entire system.

Eyebolts are rod-shaped fasteners with threads on one end, which loops to form a bend. A string is attached to the loop that enables this fastener to lift weights. Cranes and other hanging lifters are the major intensively apply these bolt screws.

Hex bolts are the most common bolts with a wide range of applications. They are used in the construction of bridges, docks, and other massive structures like buildings.

Bolts screws are a combination of both bolts and screws to achieve the ultimate purpose, which is to fasten. It is all about making work easier and efficient. There was a time you had only ropes for fastening. Now we have bolts and screws- a lot safer than ropes. Technology has given us a chance to secure our connection with these beautiful tools.


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