Concrete scarifiers as well as concrete grinders have similar use. However, they are not exactly saying machinery or machines. On that note, how does one decide when to use the concrete scarifier and when to use the concrete grinder? Note that the common another name for a concrete scarifier is a concrete planer. Using concrete scarifiers for surface preparation is an ideal choice in certain cases.

We will come to know more concerning when to use a concrete scarifier as you read further. Similar to the famous walk behind saw cutting machine, surface scarifiers are uniquely qualified for certain tasks.

 A concrete scarifier for surface preparation has certain advantages over the concrete grinder that cannot be neglected. These advantages will be discussed later as you progress through the article. We also discuss how exactly the concrete scarifier works during surface preparation. When will be the best time to use a concrete scarifier instead of a concrete grinder is a problem that many people ponder over. As the walk behind saw cutting machine is to “concrete dissecting” so the concrete scarifiers are too large scale surface leveling or repair.

Before discussing when it would be a good choice to make use of concrete scarifiers for floor or surface preparation, we should discuss the unique characteristics of these computers requires.

Characteristics of the ideal concrete scarifier for surface preparation

The first thing I should know before using a concrete scarifier for surface preparation is that these scarifiers are much faster and relatively more aggressive than grinders and their mode of action. This means that when using a concrete scarifier for surface preparation you should be expecting a faster but rougher result than what you get from a concrete grinder. Why is this so?

The concrete scarifiers have or possess cutting wheels that rotate at extremely rapid rates. The rotation of these cutting wheels creates a repetitive pummelling action that is responsible for the effects noticed on the concrete. However, the rough surface left behind on the concrete as a result of the action of the concrete scarifiers serves various purposes.

This means that, using a concrete scarifier or concrete planer depends entirely on the effect you hope to achieve and what modifications or repairs you are hoping to carry out. Hence, most concrete scarifier has adjustable depth cutting controls or variations. With JIEHE concrete planers of Empires, you could be assured of cutting as deep as 1/4 the overall depth of the concrete surface.

Depending on the model, there are varying levels of cutting power. Usually, the cutting wheels are attached on shafts which her further attached to removable drums. With a model capable of accommodating a larger drum, you would inadvertently equally have a larger number of cutter shafts.

When is the concrete scarifier a good choice for surface preparation?

The first instance in which a concrete scarifier is an appropriate use when more than 1/4 of concrete is needed to be removed. An added benefit of using a concrete scarifier is in this scenario is that they cause a kind of leveling effect will stop so any rock or an even surface would be eventually flattened out to suit or remedy the corresponding low surface without causing damage to the low surface.

The second instance is when a CSP of 4-5 is needed.


Hopefully, this article has given you somewhat of interesting insight into the unique properties of the concrete scarifiers. Especially concerning how and when to use concrete scarifier is for surface preparation.


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