Spiral Corrugated Pipes

Let’s assume that you walk into a store hoping to get some pipes for industrial purposes, and you are faced with a lot of options. If you are truly honest and you ask yourself this question, “What is the most important factor when choosing a pipe for whatever construction or building design you want to do?”

What will be your answer?

A lot of answers may have flooded your head. The pipe must be durable, it must be strong, it must be lightweight to aid easy transportation… and the like.

And you are faced with the challenge of having to choose the right pipe to do what needs to be done!

Before you proceed, close your eyes. Take five deep breaths. Now open them.

Spiral Corrugated Pipes are your best bet, and if you have any reservation, this article is ready to spill everything you need to know.

The first thing you need to know is what Spiral Corrugated Pipes are. They are pipes whose material is made up of stainless steel and is held together by different kinds of joints. It has outer and inner walls. The inner tube has a thin wall made up of stainless steel with ring-shaped corrugation (or annular corrugation), while the outer part is made up of a mesh sleeve that is intertwined with stainless steel wire.

With regard to the first question, one of the most important things one looks out for when buying a pipe is strength and durability. No one wants to buy a product that will crash the next day. Spiral Corrugated Pipes are 1.5 times stronger than normal concrete pipes because of the structure of its corrugation. Furthermore, steel corrugated pipes can last for over fifty to a hundred years under normal environmental conditions. If abnormal conditions set in, such as corrosion, the life span reduces to about twenty to fifty years. Either way, you are covered.  

Another benefit of using steel culvert pipes is how lightweight it is, making it easy to transport from one place to another. The weight of this pipe is about 1/10 of the weight of normal concrete pipes, so workers can even carry this pipe without using a machine.

Should we start talking about economic benefits? Since it is lightweight, the cost of usage is relatively cheaper compared to using conventional concrete pipes.

Where can spiral corrugated pipes apply?

Spiral corrugated pipes have a wide range of uses but are mostly used in drainage facilities, which include domestic sewage, underground garages, factory drainage, airport water drainage systems, etc. Another wide use of Spiral Corrugated Pipes is in culverts. It is used to create drain pipes under the road, construct small tunnels, bridges and closed conduits, and also construct underground culverts for railways. In Agriculture, it can be used to drain water off the farm and to boost irrigation. Finally, it has protection capabilities. It can be used to protect gas pipes and underground communication cables from external forces.


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