The use of USB to HDMI cables is on the rise. From being used in consoles, TV monitors, blue rays and the likes, it’s used are being expansive with everyday development. Ideally, an HDMI cable is a cable that allows data exchange and delivery between two devices at high quality. This will enable you to use older technology and make it compatible with newer better technologies. However, even with its extensive uses, knowing when to replace your cable might not be forthrightly apparent to you. Below are reasons why you should invest in a USB to HDMI cable.

  • Carries sound data

When connecting one device to another, there is always that underlying need of transferring audio sound. Over time different cables have been engineered to cater to this need. Unfortunately, it’s quite cumbersome trying to use different cables and device for the sole purpose of transferring sound. A USB to HDMI cable caters to this need by allowing the transfer of data from one device to another. As it also moves data from your device, you will eliminate the need of investing in numerous cables

  • Carries control data

Technological advancement has allowed for a seamless blend of data control. Newer micro USB to HDMI cables will enable you to operate one aspect of a device from another device that is connected by a cable. This means that you can adjust the volume and the screen settings all from one device for a better stress-free experience

  • Offers variety 

Every Micro HDMI cable manufactured at present has backward compatibility avenue with its predecessors. As for now, there are mainly three different sub specs which are. 1.4, 2.0, 2.1
As expected, modern technology offers better quality with the 1.4 devices offering up to 1080p at 60Hz, and 2160p 4K ultra HD at 30Hz. The 2.0 tramps this capability by offering to deliver up to 1080p at 120Hz. What’s more, of late the newer HDMI capability is lauded to deliver up to  2160p 4K at 120Hz and 4320p 8K at 60Hz meaning it has surpassed current technological abilities of most devices in the market.

  • Supports color range 

To deliver high images, the HDMI was made to mirror the quality image of the source device. However, with advancement, this avenue resulted in blurry, grainy images being delivered to a device. To cater for this the micro HDMI has a high dynamic range feature that allows for better quality image delivery without regard for its source. This translates to darker elements being darkened and lighter being lightened, hence a more precise image is portrayed.

  •  Offers flexibility 

Finally; a significant reason why you should invest in a micro USB to HDMI cable is the different use it can cater to. From its ability to incorporate with newly released PCs, mobile phones and monitor, HDMI cables offer you the ability to use your existing devices with minimum difficulty.



Overall even with access to numerous USB to HDMI cable types, choosing one that meets your specific requirements is imperative. With the release of better quality every other year, you can bank on its stay for a long while. Remember, always choose a cable that is affordable to you for a stress-free seamless use.


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