Shanghai Consung is a leading establishment in Shanghai, China, taking pride in being one of the best labeling machine manufacturers. The company serves more than five thousand customers in different continents, including Europe, Asia, and Africa. Automatic labeling machines are a specialty by Shanghai Consung. Automatic labeling machines have recently made manual labeling equipment obsolete as they are faster, cheaper, and less time-consuming. Several other labeling machines, also known as label applicators, will be discussed in this post.

What is a label applicator?

A label applicator is a machine used by organizations to apply labels on bottles, packages, drums, and other types of products. Label applicators are primarily used when applying pressure-sensitive labels. For instance, a bottle is pressure-sensitive as any tensions could lead to crumbling or deformation. Before the label applicator is applied, the labels have to be pre-printed. However, some label applicator machines can print the labels before applying them to the product. Naturally, such devices are usually more costly. Thus, many manufacturers opt for labels that are printed before the labeling process.

Types of label applicators

There are three main types of label applicators in the market. They are:

1. Integrated automated label applicators

An integrated automated label applicator is usually fully integrated into the handling system. They offer a high level of automation. Integrated automated label applicators are typically more cost-effective than their counterparts. They are also beneficial because they help streamline the labeling process. Most integrated automated label applicators can either manually place the items on the conveyor for labeling or allow the device to handle the process automatically.

2. Stand-alone label applicators

These types of label applicators are also known as semiautomated labelers. The operator has to place the product on the fixture before the device is activated in these machines. Once the machine is activated, the label is applied using a sensor. Therefore, the actual labeling process is automated but not the product and label placement.

3. Semiautomated label applicators

These semiautomated types of label applicators are characterized by the fact that they can be integrated along with a third-party system for handling products. These third-party systems include a portable head mount. The systems can be installed directly onto the conveyor of the label applicator. Therefore, the applicator may work like an automated machine because of the added elements.

Which one of the three is better?

Integrated automated label applicators are the best because they are fully automatic. This means that they require less effort, and they are prone to fewer errors. However, the two types are also great in their own right. This means that every kind of label applicator has its pros and downsides. Therefore, choosing the best option between the three would help if you considered each of the products’ features before deciding. It would also be wise if you chose a product based on your needs.


A labeling applicator is a type of labeling machine categorized based on its performance. The market features several other types of labeling machines categorized based on the applications and design elements.


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