high-temperature cables

Solar cable 6.0mm, welding cables, electric wires and cables, battery cables, and high-temperature cables are all types of electric cables and wires. These items are an essential part of electrical wiring in homes, vehicles, appliances, and commercial spaces as well. Cables are wires that are enveloped together inside a jacket. The cables are used to transport electricity from one place to another. It can either be from one appliance to another, a power source to a device, or other termini. It is safe to say that wires are a crucial part of wiring without which the process would be impossible. In this article, we will be discussing high-temperature cables. 

Meaning of high-temperature cables

High-temperature cables, also known as high temp cables and wires, are meant for different forms of high-performance applications. High temp cables are also used for demanding applications where high heat is involved. High-temperature cables and wires are designed with insulation, shielding and jacketing instead referred to a coating that allows it to perform exceptionally even in extremely high temperatures. Such wires can withstand temperatures of up to a thousand and two hundred degrees Celsius. 

Uses\applications of high-temperature cables

The applications of high-temperature cables differ depending on the material from which the wire is made.

FEP high-temperature cables

FEP is an abbreviation for the term Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene. This is a sturdy material that can withstand up to more than a hundred degrees Celsius of temperature. High temp temperature cables made out of FEP are primarily used in high-temperature environments that do not exceed two hundred degrees Celsius. They can also be used in situations that require additional protection from such elements as moisture and abrasion. Additionally, FEP high temp cables are used in electrical, chemical, and medical industries. 

high-temperature cables

MGT high-temperature cables

High-temperature cables made out of Mica Glass Tape are used in extremely high-temperature environments. Such environments include industrial ovens that run up to five hundred- and thirty-eight-degrees Celsius worth of temperature. These cables can also be used in commercial, industrial, residential furnaces, cement kilns, and electrical heaters as well. 

SRK high-temperature cables

Silicone Rubber K-fiber Jacket high temp cables are used in motor leads with less than two hundred degrees Celsius. The cables are also used for booster melting systems in harsh environments, the likes of steel mills and glass plants. 

TGGT high-temperature cables

Teflon, Glass, and Glass Teflon cables are used in commercial heating equipment that runs up to three hundred degrees Celsius worth of temperature. They are also used in the oven, kilns, heaters, and industrial furnaces. 

SRML high-temperature cables

Silicone Rubber Motor Lead cables are used in automotive motor leads and electrical equipment requiring a hundred- and fifty-degrees Celsius heat or less. Additionally, these cables are used in sun lamps, therapeutic devices, and other high voltage units. 

Bottom Line

High-temperature cables stand out from the rest because of their ability to withstand extremely high-temperature situations. Additionally, these cables feature different types of insulations, shielding, and coating materials. These features make the cables durable and reduce the cost of maintenance of the wires. 


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