In today’s world revolving around metal fabrication, the press brake operation is among the key factors that will ensure a successful fabricating process. Though other critical factors result in fabricators’ success operating the cnc press brake properly and effectively are the main goal every operator would want to achieve.

Therefore, a press brake operator is supposed to know more than just the products under production, but know more about how they produce the given metal products. Various factors contribute to the production accuracy and quality parts; however, here are the most important factors that press brake operators should keep in mind always:

Understand the machine

Before making any step or attempt, as a press brake operator, you should be well conversant with the machine tool, make sure you familiarize yourself with it, and know the basics to operate it. Get to know the press brake control, understand its maintenance history, and know how you can safely and correctly use or operate the machine. If you are using it for the first time, use the manual to know where to turn it on or warm it up, set it up, program it, and switch it off. They should also know how they can easily adjust any inaccuracies that may lead to undesired quality production.

Know the tooling

Tooling has been confirmed to be the sole source of incorrect parts, but they are easily correctable. A press brake operator should know how to determine deformed, and worn-out tooling breaks should understand that when the brakes wear, they should adjust, and if it goes beyond, they should be completely replaced. They should know the different press brake tooling that differs from soft, basic, cheap, which determines their shelf life.

Know your work material

Understanding the material you are working on is the first step to producing a quality and accurate final product. You will be able to determine the type of machine and tools to use, the back gauge, and the pressure or force to apply to shape the material. For instance, the 18 gauge SS reacts completely differently from the 14 gauge SS; the tensile, spring back, yield strength, tooling, and bend time are all different. Having a clear understanding of your material and what should be expected at the end of it results in a successful press brake operation.

Understand your revision

Like all other manufacturing processes, the press brake can make identical parts using different part revisions. Therefore, it is crucial for a press brake operator to know and understand the revision and part print you are required to work from before starting your work; this will reduce any process errors as forecasted before the manufacturing starts.

These are the most common factors any successful press brake operator should consider before deciding to start the work. They are the basic factors that some operators ignore but account for them later in a costly way; with proper planning from the start, and you will avoid wastes by producing the accurate needed product.


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