Billboard Ad
Billboard Ad

Many years down the line, billboards still remain a top method of advertising for marketers. People still look at billboards the same way they did ten years ago. However, something has changed about the billboards themselves; now they’ve become digitalized. Companies such as Bibiled specialize in providing their customers with top-notch digital billboard designs.

Today, you will find digital billboards everywhere. They have a powerful branding impact and somehow, affect a user’s decision-making process. With digital billboards becoming more and more competitive, it has become necessary for marketers to improve their strategies.

Billboard Ad
Billboard Ad

Here are some tips to give your billboard the highest chance of being noticed:

  1. Use a few words

Since most people are usually on the move when they read billboards, it’s recommended that you use few words. Use as few words as possible; about 5 words should be enough. However, if you can play around with more words and still keep the message easy to read, that would still be fine.

  1. Don’t expect direct feedback

There’s no need to cover the entire billboard with your contact information. People who look at billboards will most probably not have the time to check your website address or your phone number.

Billboard Ad
Billboard Ad

Billboards are a secondary advertising medium. You cannot rely on it to get basic information about your company to the public. Don’t expect that people who read the billboard to call or visit your website.

  1. Get noticed without being a distraction

Considering that most billboards are found on the roadsides, it’s quite obvious that they’re targeting pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists. As a marketer, your main interest should be catching the eye of your prospect without distracting them to cause an accident.

  1. Be smart and witty

If the content on your billboard ad is boring, it’ll be ignored a lot. A smart advert will not only grab the prospects’ attention but will also leave a lasting impression. However, do not go overboard with it; if it’s too witty, most people might not get it.

In as much as you try to have fun with the content, don’t create complex puzzles that will leave people wondering what you actually meant.

Billboard Ad
Billboard Ad
  1. Invest in multiple billboards

If you’re looking for better results, invest in multiple billboards. If you’re targeting a mass market, you should get more billboards so that you can reach a wider audience.

More eyes will see your ad if you have many billboards distributed all over the place.

  1. Watch out for the size of the logo

When you’re paying a lot of money to advertise your products or services, you will want to get the value for what you pay for. Most companies want the brand to cover a larger portion so that it’s visible to more people. While this is understandable, you don’t the logo to be so large that it distracts people from reading the message. Ensure that there’s a balance. Sometimes you don’t even need to show the logo at all but people will still identify your brand.


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