air covered machine
air covered machine

When you are delving in the production of yarn, you will realize that different materials have different requirements for production. To efficiently produce thread for spandex, polyester, nylon, and lycra; investing in a quality classic AC air covering machine is imperative. As it differs significantly with the production of wool and cotton, there are certain elements you should be on the lookout to ensure you get the right textured yarn. Below are factors to consider when purchasing an air covering machine.

  1. Spinning Specifications Of The Air covering machine

The air covering machine works by using air pressure that forces it through an intermingling jet which produces interlacing zone. The aspect of the interlacing zone is what defines the essence of what is air covering yarn production. When looking for a machine to invest in, you will be offered choices depending on how fast you want the interlacing zones to be produced. A Standard type machine produces about 10 sections in every 40 ingots. However, as it depends on the target production you have, choose one that meets or slightly surpasses the standard value.

  1. Frame Size

An air covering machine manufacturer avails different frame size choices. The process is achieved by stretching the elastomer yarn to fill out the frame size in a specific draw ratio. As the desired elasticity also plays a role, choose one that you can easily meet the raw material requirement and that you can process and manage efficiently.

air covered machine

  1. Load Power

When choosing a machine, making a profit from the production process is usually the main aim. Power consumption plays a direct influence in increasing production cost and hence why it’s imperative to lower it. When choosing a machine, consider the power consumption of each spindle. Remember the actual power consumption of each device is usually about 40% lower than the rated power consumption in the guideline.

  1. Types

Every air covering yarn machine has a different means in which it intermingles the yarn to produce material. Three typical examples include the precision type, the interlayer type, and the fixed cross angle type. As expected, the production results in either a single-sided segment production or a double sided one. When choosing, consider what you desire as an end result. Keep in mind the higher the precision interface, the higher the fine counts air covering process it delivers and the smaller the spacing ingots per segment.

air covered machine

  1. Maximum Mechanical Speed

Finally, consider the maximum speed at which the air covering machine manufacturer offer you. Even though an air covering machine loads the intermingling jet in a relaxed manner, this doesn’t mean it should be slow. Consider the compressed air capacity that is responsible for creating the air turbulence that is used for feeding. A higher winding speed offers increased production capacity of yarn.


As seen above, your specific goals and requirements play a significant role in the kind of classic AC air covering machine you will purchase. With increased technological improvement you can invest in an air covering machine that produces at high speed with less power. Overall, when choosing, keep your budget in mind and select the kind of machine that works for you.


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